O Kadhal Kanmani - It Could Be Your Love Story

Have you ever come across someone who is incredibly dramatic?The kind of drama that belongs in the theaters.
The kind of drama that every other movie portrays. The kind of drama that'll make you feel intimidated. 
The kind of drama that'll make you believe that, the person is really going to jump in front of a train. 
She was that kind. 
She is the dramatic most beautiful art in the face of earth.The one who will break the ice and yes, the stereotype too, with a little wave and a beautiful conversation. 

She will go from , "என ஞாபகம் இருக்கா ?" to "so, only girlfriends ah?" in less than 3 minutes. 
She will talk to you about everything you shy away from.She will talk about how ambitious she is and never even bat an eye even if you judge her. She will not wait for you to call her. She will ask you out, right away without even a heads up and shatter all the stereotypes that you've built up in your head. 

What will a guy who puts up a smile even when a world crash…

A Letter To 'Yet-To-Be-My-Daughter'.

Dear BabyGirl,
Welcome to this world.
This is Mommy. I hope you remember my voice. You are finally here and I'm ready to share you with everyone.
Daddy and others are so happy that you are here.
You've got so many presents and so many more happy tears. You're too small to know that you are being celebrated.
Let me have a big piece of cake on your behalf :)

But, Baby, Listen Up. 
I want to tell you a few things.
Being a girl is a blessing. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Not even me.
There are many babies who didn't make it to this world just because their daddies and mummies didn't realise how much of a blessing it is.
To be a girl is to be the best. You are born to do the impossible.
Someday, when you are big, we'll make them understand why it's important.
There are some ignorant people out there, who will tell you that , Girls are weak. But, Baby, don't believe them.
You are the strongest of all.
You are born to bring in a change.
A change that'll bring …

The Time Ticks Away

The Mobile Buzzed. For the hundredth time.  "Happy 2k18", "Happy New year. Have a great year", "Wish you a very happy year. Have a blessed year."
My inbox was filled with wishes. Not just the close ones, but also from people who wished me "Happy 2k17" and vanished into space and from whom I didn't hear for an entire year.
These kind of conversations quizzes me.
Well, so what!? We get busy with our lives and we don't find time to even talk to people who are a 'SEND' button away.
Rings a bell?
"So, what exactly happened?"
"You know, we drifted away with time."
"I didn't have enough time to reply to the text nor to pick up a conversation!"
"Work got hectic and I hardly had time to sleep, leave alone having conversations with friends".
Let's blame it on 'Time'. The Time is being accused for all failed relationships, broken friendships, drifted away acquaintances and never begun conversati…

'Being Human'

Sarcasm is the new sexy. 
We tend to love the quirky comments and the mean replies while ridiculing is proudly quoted as"Savage" and anything but a sane comeback gets you a "Burn" .
Why did we let this become a trend? Because it's fun. Yes, It is . It is Fun from your end. Have you ever given a little thought about how the person on the receiving end feels? The answer is No. A Big Fat No. That is what we have become . Voices echoing heavy sarcasm and Hearts ridiculing anyone with a different perspective. Aren't we becoming the bullies?
Back then,when we were little,the teachers taught us what good and bad habits is and every one of us attended a class called "Moral Science" ,the mere motive of which is to sow the seeds of good-deeds into the innocent minds and to raise them as adults with great responsibilities.
With every passing class, we dreamt of being the good-guy of every such story.
We lived as the Hero of the tale and inevitably,there have always be…


It was her wedding anniversary.
This day has been the day of Jubilation ever since.
She woke up to his smile, crooked yet too warm to ignore. That's what Love meant to her, Waking up to his smile. 
The smile that could make her forget about everything.
The smile that could leave her entire world stranded.
The smile that signifies how much she means to him.
The smile that gives warmth in days when there is no ray of hope.
The smile to which she fell in love. 
The smile to which she could fall in love all over again.
His Smile summarized her Happiness.

She looked at the huge stack that lay safe inside her safe and her mind slipped into the memory-track
It was an Album. She pulled it out off her safe and sat on her bed.
He was looking at her.
Her Fingers ran over the cover of the album that read
'The LifeLine'.Her 'Gloss-less' lips twisted into a smile.
She Looked at him as she ruffled through its pages.
The page Number read '54'.

Her nails are no longer manicured and her face…


It was a Friday. No. Not, a Good Friday. It wasn't 'The 13th' either , but indeed a Nightmarish one. I was going home. The weekend at home is something that would get anyone exuberant.  "Home". That one syllable has the power to re-create the melody that plays in ur favorite playlist on repeat. Home, The place where you belong!  Mumma's Lap! Itsy bitsy fights with Appa! Food. Most importantly Foooood! After so many days of tolerating semi-cooked , over-cooked and sometimes even uncooked food, I wouldn't miss out the food from my dear own mother's kitchen.(I said," my dear own mom", definitely not 'dear own kitchen'. Well, at this point kitchen is dear too. )   Did I miss out Coffee? Who wouldn't crave to taste the little drops of heaven!?
So, why did I quote it was a nightmare?  Because, it indeed is. It was already 7.30 pm  and I'm still slogging in the 'God-knows-why-they-are-this-comfortable' chair with my eyes on the …

The Happy Ending

Happy Ending? What's happy about an ending!?
The little girl that always believed in the fairy tales and happily-ever-after is all grown up. Innocence is bliss. yes! But sometimes life is about more than just bliss. Growing up doesn't always stay proportionate with the age. You can be fifty years old and still believe in happy endings or you can be sixteen years old and believe that only "The End" could be your happy ending. Now is the time for a huge question mark. Why!?Because,the sixteen year old just went through a heartbreak and cries herself to sleep with every passing night and that meant the end of her world.
Rings a bell, Fellows!? Everyone of us would've gone through something similar. Heartbreaks and Happy Endings doesn't go along, isn't it?
Well, this is not something new to us.
We've been dealing with heartbreaks for a pretty long time.
It might have felt like the end, but we'll eventually come around.
I've two words for you.
Move on.